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Our experienced family lawyers provide compassionate and strategic guidance to help you through any family law matter.

Defend your rights and freedom with our experienced criminal defence lawyers. We’re on your side in and out of the courtroom.

Our experienced lawyers can assist you with wills, probate, and estate matters. Contact us to ensure your assets are protected.

Contractual Disputes

Whether it be drafting reviewing or taking action against breaches of contracts we are experienced in these matters. We protect your rights and pursue the remedies at law.

Commercial Litigation

We are experienced in all forms of Commercial litigation and contractual matters. If your commercial transaction breaks down we can assist with your legal remedies.


We are experienced in defending breaches of contracts and running wage claims for unfair terminations.


Taxation law applies across numerous jurisdictions and we are able to effectively advise you on the implication of tax law on your case.

Mediation & Settlement

We are proactive in trying to achieve privately mediated settlements and we have a strong record of settling matters without litigation.

Civil Litigation

If you have been wronged and seek to sue another entity we are experienced in conducting civil litigation.

IT & IP Contracts

We offer IT and IP advice. Further to our contractual dispute work we are experienced in drafting and reviewing IP and IT contracts.

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